WD Hard Disks & SSD For Gaming

Don't compromise on your gaming when you go for a WD hard disk that's made for gamers. Opt for the WD black hard disk that enhances your gaming experience with its impressive 256 MB of DRAM cache, or higher capacities of your choice. Take your PS5 or Xbox to the next level with a WD hard disk that boosts performance to an irrational extent.

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Long load times are obsolete with next-gen PCIe® Gen4 technology.

PlayStation 5 Storage

What is Heatsink?

It's very common for SSD's to overheat during heavy load and in some occasions, heady gamng. this is where Heatsink comes handy. The Heatsink brings improvement in SSDs temperatures, or even more with sufficient air flow and protect consoles from.

Add the WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD with Heatsink to your compatible PS5 console's M.2 slot to store even more of your favorite games with speed that you need to experience the next gen in its full glory.

WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD | Official Product Overview

IRRATIONALLY FAST. IMPOSSIBLY REAL. SSD storage with next-generation PCIe®

The future of gaming has arrived. Long load times are obsolete with next-gen PCIe® Gen4 technology, reaching irrational read/write speeds up to 7000/5300MB/s. Arm your system with RGB lighting(heatsink model only), customizable through the downloadable WD_BLACK™ Dashboard. Sustain supreme performance with the optional heatsink model and store more with up to 2TB capacity.